Barn Doors & Hidden Doors

Add custom barn doors to your Casper, WY or surrounding areas home design

At Interior Solutions we do custom the way custom should be done! If present, a door is a staple piece to any room. So, why not make it stand out from everything else? You can be the envy of all your friends and neighbors with your very own unique, custom barn doors or hidden doors. Barn doors offer the same privacy and room distinction as other doors, but with a style and function all their own. You can even create a conversation piece by simply mounting a barn door as more of an artistic piece in your space. Hidden doors are the perfect way to couple the functionalities of both a door and a shelving unit and turn them into the ultimate gatekeeper, hiding secret rooms, passageways, or safes.

barn door casper wy


CUSTOM BARN DOORS: Stylish, wall-mounted, sliding doors give your space a customized, distinctive look. From rustic to ultra-modern, they are the ideal statement piece in any room.

HIDDEN DOORS: Whether you refer to them as murphy doors, hidden doors, or secret doors, they are a fun and functional way to add display or storage space while neatly hiding a personal space or passageway.